Cultural Heritage

Level: 2


  • Outline why it is important to know about our cultural heritage.
  • List the special ceremonies in your culture for:
    • The birth of a child
    • Becoming an adult
    • Death and burial
  • Do the following:
    • List the customary ways of dressing for everyday life and two special occasions.
    • Draw, explain, or present in pictures these customary dresses.
  • What is or was the customary pre-marriages for young people in your area? How is/was marriage arranged?
  • List the advantages of traditional marriages over western style marriages and courtship.
  • Explain the following:
    • Explain briefly the meaning of the term “bride price.”
    • What are the advantages of bride price?
    • Explain the disadvantages of bride price.
  • Explain the leadership structure in your village area. (Include the chiefly system and the extended family.)

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