Creationism Advanced

Level: 3


  • Have the following honors:
    • Creationism
    • Geology
    • Fossils
  • Explain the following terms:
    • Cosmology
    • Cosmo genesis
    • Intelligent Design Theory
    • Transition species or lost current link
    • Living fossil
    • Big Bang Theory
  • In the creationist interpretation, what is the origin of man and who were the cavemen?
  • Briefly describe the argument of the watchmaker from Paley?
  • Briefly report Pascal’s experience and explain why “life only comes from life.”
  • Read Psalm 139 and Genesis 1 & 2. discover aspects of the creative power of God in nature that demonstrate purpose and planning. Demonstrate your finding through one of the following:
    • Poster
    • Chart
    • Presentation
  • Differentiate evolution (in a macro or micro sense) of adaptation to the environment.
  • Re-read the biblical story of the flood and describe its influence on the following questions:
    • Continental Drift
    • Relief and climate
    • Mass extinction and formation of fossils
  • Make a personal list of ten scientific evidences of creation (different from those stated in this honor and in the basic) and present them to a group.
  • Study the life and contributions of a scientific creationist and tell the story during a campfire or another spiritual gathering.
  • Do one of the following activities:
    • Participate in an active debate about creationism versus evolution.
    • Present to a group at the church, or at a creationist event, an audiovisual presentation, of at least thirty minutes, about some of the evidence from the nine requirements for this honor.
    • Present three different certificates of participation in meetings of creationist character, completed in the last two years.
    • Organize an event about creationism, with a skilled and qualified speaker.
    • Do a research on creation based on the Geoscience Research Institute findings or documents.

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