Community Water Safety (Life Saving)

Level: 2


(Instructor Required)
NOTE: Complete the Red Cross Community Water Safety Course
1.      Have The Swimming Honor and at least six hours’ preparation and practice.
2.      In deep water disrobe and swim one hundred yards (100 meters).
3.      Surface dive in six to eight feet (2 meters) of water, recovering various objects three times, and a ten‑pound weight (4kg weight once).
4.      Correct approach thirty feet (9 meters), and cross‑chest carry thirty feet (9 meters).
5.      Correct approach, surface dive, underwater approach and carry thirty feet (9 meters).
6.      Correct approach thirty feet (9 meters), and hair or arm‑lock carry thirty feet (9 meters).
7.      Tired swimmer’s carry thirty feet (9 meters, preceded by thirty‑foot (9 meters) approach.
8.      Release double grip on one wrist. Left and right.
9.      Release front strangle hold. Left and right.
10. Demonstrate artificial respiration.

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