Community Development

Level: 1


  • Define community development.
  • Explain to your instructor why some countries are considered “developing” while others are referred to as “developed.”
  • Name five developing countries and list three things that ADRA is doing in these countries that would be considered “development” and two things that would fall under “relief.”
  • Read about why there are poor people among us in the book Desire of Ages, written by Ellen G. White (Chapter 70, “The Least of These My Brethren”). Describe to your instructor what you learned.
  • Describe at least one need in your community that requires attention.
  • Write a short community development plan that your Pathfinder group can implement (planting trees, cleaning parks or yards, repainting public walls, etc.). The plan should describe the activity, group size, transportation logistics, and materials.
  • Spend at least four hours participating on one of the following field trips:
    • Participate with a group that provides assistance to the homeless in your community.
    • Participate with a work team that is repairing or building housing for the poor.
    • Work in a food distribution center, soup kitchen, or homeless shelter in your community.

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