Christian Art of Preaching

Spiritual Growth, Outreach, & Heritage


  • Discuss the reasons / benefits of earning a Christian Art of Preaching Honor.
  • Define homiletic and cite your resources.
  • Define exegesis and cite your resources.
  • Investigate the meaning and history of oratory.
    • Define oratory
    • Research a few of the great speakers of Adventist history, making a brief report of:
      • A speaker from our early beginnings
      • A speaker from our modern history
      • A distinguished speaker in your country
    • Cite your sources
  • Briefly describe the following, in terms of a Christian sermon: Characteristics:
    • Thematic sermon
    • Expository sermon
    • Textual sermon Parts
    • Introduction
    • Body
    • Illustration
    • Call
    • Conclusion
  • Show the appropriate use of these tools:
    • Biblical dictionary
    • Biblical concordance
    • Thematic Study Bibles
    • Online sources (Bibles, dictionaries, concordances, study aids, illustrations)
  • Prepare and present a detailed outline of a sermon in writing.
  • Do one of the following activities:
    • Participate in a course on Christian preaching (obtain a certificate)
    • Preach for a church worship (turn in the sermon outline)
    • Present a brief summary on an event that the Club or the church participated in Have the outline of, at least, ten Christian sermons
  • Participate (or have participated) in the preaching at your church (or a district church) at least four times in the period of a year.
  • Obtain, for your personal collection, a book of sermon illustrations.

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