Level: 2


1.      Demonstrate the proper way to drive, set, and clinch a nail, and draw a spike with a claw hammer.
2.      Demonstrate how to use the following tools:
a.       Miter and miter box
b.       Circular saw (cut a straight line)
c.       Hand Saw (cut a straight line)
d.      Block plane
e.       Framing Square
f.        Nail set
g.       Wood chisel
h.       Level
i.         Plumb bob
3.      Layout a rectangle by the use of 6,8,10, and prove it by its diagonal.
4.      Demonstrate how to lay shingles.
5.      Describe the use of and distinguish between six different types of nails.
6.      Build one of the following no smaller than 4′ x 4′:
a.       Tool shed
b.       Dog house
c.       Play room
7.      When building the above project, use these features:
a.       Floor joist
b.       Shoe plate
c.       Double plate
d.      Felt roof
e.       Sub floor
f.        Top plate
g.       Conventional roof
h.       Shingles
i.         Window with weight-bearing header
j.         Door with weight- bearing header
k.       Fascia on eaves
l.         Siding
m.     Use plumb cat at top and seat out on bottom

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