Canoe Building

Level: 3


  • What trees in your area are used for building canoes? Name them in your language. Are they considered softwoods or hardwoods?
  • What trees are used for building canoes, softwoods or hardwoods?
  • What tools are used for building canoes? Start with felling the tree up to completion.
  •  Choose a good canoe tree about four meters in length and observe the correct felling of it. Explain what happened.
  • Describe how a log is prepared to build a canoe.
  • With the help of others properly shape the outside of the canoe and hollow out the inside. Correctly smooth both surfaces inside and outside.
  • Assist in the making of paddles, seats, poles and fittings for the canoe.
  • Assist in the construction of decking, outrigger, mast and sail if the canoe is of a double hull or outrigger type.
  • Make a tree model of the type of canoe used in your district.

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