Camping Skills III

Level: 2


  • Be at least in the 7th grade or 12 years old.
  • Work for three hours on a wilderness beautification project, such as making or clearing a trail.
  • Review six points in the selection of a good campsite. Review the safety rules of fire building.
  • Go on a weekend campout.
  • Lay the following three fires and tell their uses:
    • Star fire
    •  Hunter’s fire
    • Reflector fire
  • 6.      Know six ways to start a fire without a match. Build a campfire using one of the following:
    • Flint
    • Friction
    • Spark
    • Curved glass
    • Metal match
    • Compressed air
  • Know how to properly sharpen a hatchet and knife.
  • Cook a one-pot meal using fresh or dried food.
  • Describe the various types of tents and their uses.
  • How does condensation occur in a tent, and how can it be prevented?
  • Demonstrate your ability to anchor a tent down, using the taut-line hitch and two half hitches.
  • While camping, plan and give a ten-minute devotional or organize and lead a nature Bible game or lead out in Sabbath School or camp church or vespers.
  • Properly locate and build one of the following and describe its importance to the individual and the environment:
    • Latrine
    • Shower
    • Camp sink and dish washing area
  • Demonstrate four basic lashings and construct a simple object using these lashings.
  • Know how to replace the mantels on a camp lantern. Demonstrate how to refill gas in a camp lantern and stove. Know how to maintain the pressure pump on a camp stove in good working order.

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