Camping Skills II

Level: 1


  • Be at least in the 6th grade or 11 years old.
  • Develop a personal philosophy of outdoor etiquette, such as courtesy to other campers and outdoor conservation.
  • Know and understand the following six W=s for the selection of a good campsite:
    • Wind
    • Water
    •  Wild things
    • Wood
    • Weather
    • Willingness
  • Demonstrate your ability to protect the wilderness and your water source by proper personal hygiene and cooking sanitation.
  • Participate in a weekend campout.
  • Take part in a camp worship service to include one of the following:
    • Sabbath School lesson study
    • Story
    • Worship thought
    • Leading song service
  • Know how to safely light and use a camp stove and lantern.
  • Know safety rules and demonstrate your ability to properly cut firewood.
  • Demonstrate how to break dead wood properly.
  • Using fuzz sticks or shaved sticks, build and know the use of a council or crisscross fire and one type of cooking fire. Review fire building safety rules.
  • Explain two ways to keep camp food cool.
  • Build two different camp cranes.
  • Prepare camp meals using boiling, frying, and baking.
  • Demonstrate tent site selection. Properly pitch and strike a tent. What precautions should be taken when striking a wet tent? Properly clean, dry, and store a tent.
  •  Bedding:
    • Show proper ways to stuff or role your sleeping bag or bed roll for travel.
    •  Tell how to keep a sleeping bag or bed roll dry on a camping trip.
    • Describe how to properly clean your sleeping bag or bed role.

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