Camp Craft

Level: 1


1.      Explain how and why weather, season, and water supply are considered when choosing a campsite.
2.      Prepare a list of clothing you would need for an overnight camp in warm and cold weather.
3.      Know and practice the safety rules in camping.
4.      Show your ability to use a camp knife by demonstrating or explaining safety rules for its use and making shavings for tinder.
5.      Prepare for an overnight camp with a group by making a list of personal items and group items that will be needed.
6.      Prepare balanced menus for one cooked breakfast, lunch, and supper.
7.      Complete the following while on an overnight camping trip:
a.       Prepare ground properly for comfortable sleeping.
b.      Correctly pitch and strike a tent.
c.       Prepare a proper safe area for campfire. Show proper use of wood tools in getting and preparing fuel for a fire.
d.      Show how to protect your camp against animals, insects, and wet or bad weather.
e.       Show how to take proper care of the environment as you camp and leave the area with no trace of having been there.
8.      Know eight things to do when lost.
9.      Camp for a continuous three days and two nights, sleeping each night under the stars or in a tent. Be actively involved in cooking at least two of the meals.
10. Considering the things learned in this honor and the camping done, what is the meaning and the reason of the Pathfinder Camping Code?

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