Level: 3


1.      Be able to identify the following terms:
a.       Foredge
b.       Gutter
c.       Endsheet
d.      Flysheet
e.       Signatureding
f.        Mull
g.       Backbone
h.       Head
i.         Foot
j.         Deckle edge
k.       Guarding sheets
l.         Headban
m.     Casing-in
n.       Buchram
2.      Describe the difference between the following binding methods:
a.       Perfect binding
b.       Hard bound
c.       Single signature
d.      Spiral (metal and plastic)
e.       Saddle stitch
3.      Perform the following:
a.       Bind a single signature hand binding “manuscript”.
b.       Bind a blank book using at least four signatures and a permanent cloth hard board binding, using a “case” method.
c.       The proper way to “break in” a new binding.
d.      Make a “slip case” for your blank book of at least four signatures.
4.      Identify and describe the uses for the following binder’s tools:
a.       Bone folder
b.       Kick press
c.       Folding needle
d.      Awls
e.       Sewing frame
f.        Squared card
g.       Punch
5.      Define the difference of paper weight in relationship to a ream of paper.
6.      Describe the color and properties of three types of adhesives used in the binding process and where they are used.
a.       Hot melt animal glue
b.       Casing-in paste
c.       Resin glues
7.      Know and list the five principle stages of hand binding
a.       Preparing the signatures
b.       Sewing up the signatures
c.       Gluing up the back
d.      Attaching the boards (covers)
e.       Finishing

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