Level: 2


  1. Provide to the examiner (written or orally) two countries where Rattan (cane) is grown.
  2. Explain how to treat pithcane (reed) before weaving.
  3. What tools would you use for:
    1. Cane basket making
    2. Raffia or Indian basket making
  4. Define:
    1. Weaver singeing
    2. Crushing
  5. Explain how to:
    1. Mend a broken spoke (stake)
    2. Join a weaving rod (reed)
  6. Name two kinds of bases used in baskets, and tell in which type of basket each base can be used.
  7. Describe how to lay:
    1. A footridge border
    2. A three-rod border
  8. Do the following: simple weaving, slewing, and bispoking, and stitch a raffia base.
  9. Make a cane sandwich tray with a wood base.
  10. Make a round hot pad six inches in diameter in Raffia or Indian basketry.

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