Level: 1


1.      Know and explain the archery safety rules.
2.      Identify the parts of an arrow.
3.      Identify the parts of a bow.
4.      Correctly and safely string a bow.
5.      Describe and show how to use: arm guard, finger tab and quiver, bow sling, string kisser.
6.      Demonstrate the following shooting techniques:
a.       The stance
b.      Nocking the arrow
c.       The draw
d.      The anchor
e.       The hold and aim
f.       The release
g.      The follow-through
7.      Why is it necessary to have an arrow “nocking point” properly positioned on the bow string?
8.      Using a standard (Olympic bow) score one of the following:
a.       Indoors: 30 arrows (5 rounds) at 18 meters score 50 points on a 60 cm. target
b.      Outdoors: 30 arrows (5 rounds) at 25 meters score points on a 122 cm. target

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