Adapted Sports

Level: 1


  • What are Adaptive Sports?
  • Learn how becoming involved in disabled sports helps in the development and/or rehabilitation of people with disabilities.
  • What is important about participating in sports for people with disabilities?
  • Name at least ten types of Adaptive Sports.
  • Name at least two international competitions for Adaptive Sports.
  • Interview a person with a physical disability and ask him/her if he/she practices any kind of sport.
  • Do one of the following:
    • Visit an institution that works with disabled sports and find out:
      • The vision and mission of the institution
      • How many people are benefiting from this work
      • What are the biggest challenges
      • How their program encourages the practice of sports
    • Attend a team sport event done by people with disabilities and report this experience.
  • Find out about the Paralympic Games. Include information about the history and the importance of that event to people with physical disabilities. Include in your findings regarding specifics such as who attends, what sports are involved, where and when were the first games held, when and where were the last games, when and where are the next games, an inspirational athlete from the Paralympic games, along with any other interesting information you could find. Share your finding through:
    • a 500 word paper
    • a 3-5 minute oral presentation using pictures or presentation software slide if possible.
    • a detailed poster-display that includes pictures and descriptions
  • Discuss or share what you would you do if a Pathfinder with disabilities entered your club and wished to participate in some sports with your unit? Evaluate whether your meeting location is even accessible by persons with disabilities. Determine specific ways that a disabled person could be made to feel integrated into your unit or club and its activities.
  • Discover and discuss two miracles performed for disabled people in the Bible. Include in your discussion:
    • What disability did the individual have? What would we call that disability today?
    • How had the disability affected the person’s life?
    • How was the person healed?
    • Does the Bible share what happened to the individual later in life? If so, what difference did it make for the disabled person to be healed?
    • Why was the person with the disability healed? (it may only be implied)
    • Based on how disabled persons were treated by society and by contrast how Jesus and the prophets treated disabled persons, how should we treat persons with disabilities in our world today? Be specific.
  • Read and discuss the following verses talking about the restoration of our bodies when Jesus returns:
    • Philippians 3:20, 21
    • 1 Corinthians 15:35-53
    • Isaiah 35:3-6
    • Psalm 17:15
    • Romans 6:5-7

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