Aboriginal Lore

Arts, Crafts, & Hobbies

Level: 1


  • Who are the Aborigines and where did they come from? How many tribes were there when European colonization commenced?
  • Discuss the tribal system. What are totems?
  • Discuss the food of the Aborigines, including:
    • Kinds of food used
    • How food is obtained
    • How food is prepared
  • Discuss their homes. Of what are they made and why are they not permanent? Where do the young men and boys sleep?
  • How do they communicate with other tribes who may not understand their language? How do they send signals within the tribe? What is the purpose of the Tjuringa (or Churinga)?
  • What are some of the articles of trade and exchange? What domestic utensils do they use?
  • Describe some of the weapons used in hunting and warfare.
  • What is a corroboree? Explain its purpose. What are clap sticks and the didgeridoo?
  • What games do children play? How are young men trained? How are they initiated? What is the bora ground? What is a bull roarer?
  • Discuss the two main types of Aboriginal art.
  • Briefly relate the history of the Aborigines since the white man arrived in Australia, mentioning the government policies through the years and the work of missions.

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