Hand Shadows

Arts & Crafts


  • Teach each child how to make several hand shadow pictures.
  • Once they have learned to make the hand shadows, ask the following questions:
    • Which hand shadow do you most enjoy?
    • Which was the hardest to learn?
    • Why was it more difficult?
    • Were there some shadows that you couldn’t make?
  • Let children discuss how they would teach this skill to other children.
  • With the help of your leader, practice teaching others to make hand shadows.
  • Teach someone how to make two or more hand shadows.


  • Create light and shadow indoors with a flashlight attached to the back of a high-back chair, overhead projector, or lamp. Shine a light on the wall, screen, or bed sheet that is stretched tight. Hand shadows can be done outside with natural sunlight and a backdrop of your choice.
  • Discuss the questions. Help them to understand how they learned best and that all people learn at different paces and in different ways.
  • Work with the children to develop rules for teaching others how to make hand shadows. Rules should include:
    • Asking the student how they learn best, such as listening to instruction, watching a leader, or doing it themselves.
    • Be patient.
    • Be kind and encouraging.
    • Congratulate them when completed.
  • Parent assistance would allow one-on-one attention for each child as they practice teaching.
  • Teach hand shadows to another child or an adult.
  • Purpose: Helps children understand that they have gifts to share with others.
  • Curriculum connection: This is not a required award, but may be used to complete the Helping Hand, My Self, I Am Special, requirement B.




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