• Describe the work of a Guide.
  • Tell the locations of four of the following and be able to give directions from your home to reach them:
    • post office
    • pharmacy
    • phone booth
    • police station
    • church
    • fire station
    • grocery store
    • school
    • Tell how to ask for directions and whom you should ask.
    • Organize a trip for a few friends to visit one of the following in your area:
    • museum
    • monument
    • interesting sight
  • fire station
  • police station
  • hospital
  • factory
  • Draw a simple map of your neighborhood, including your house, or give a friend directions to your house.
  • You have been a guide to different places, but who does the Bible say is our true Guide? (See Psalm 48:14.)


  • A guide is someone who helps you find your way.
  • Do not expect the Adventurers to use direction words such as north, south, east, and west. They should give street names and number of blocks, if available.
  • To receive good directions, the Adventurer must ask good questions. Children should get directions from people known to them, police officers, teachers, or other officials.
  • Help the Adventurers plan transportation, invitations, things to see and do, etc. When the trip is over, lead a discussion about what was done and seen.
  • Some children will need assistance with this project.
  • Read the text together and discuss its meaning.
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