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This program is best used after a Week of Prayer, youth retreat, crusade, or other experience where many of our youth have made commitments or re-commitments to Jesus.\par }{\plain \b \par }{\plain \b What to do: }{\plain Show the video }{\plain \i After the Fire}{\plain , by Steve Case. (See }{\plain \i Resources}{\plain ). After the video, move into some discussion time, exploring with your group their own feelings about \'93revival\'94 experiences, the ideas presented in the video, and ideas for how to turn a one-time revival into an ongoing renewal of your relationship with Jesus. When discussion ends, hand out the \'93My Commitment\'94 sheet to each person in the group. Allow 5-10 minutes for people to quietly fill it out, then encourage them to take it home, place it in their Bibles or another meaningful place to continue referring to in the weeks and months ahead.\par }{\plain \b \par }{\plain \b Preparation Time: }{\plain Obtain a copy of the video and preview it. Copy the \'93My Commitment\'94 handout for everyone in your group.\par }{\plain \b \par }{\plain \b Bible Text: }{\plain 1}{\plain \b }{\plain Kings 19:1-12}{\plain \b \par }\pard \tx0\tx720\tx1440\tx2160\tx2880\tx3600\tx4320\tx5040\tx5760\tx6480\tx7200\tx7920\tx8640\tx9360 {\plain \b \par }{\plain \b Song Service: }{\plain \'93Change my Heart, O God\'94}{\plain \b \par }{\plain \b \par }{\plain \b Vesper or Closing Thought: }{\plain Revivals, crusades, youth rallies, Weeks of Prayer\'96they can all be \'93mountain-top\'94 experiences. Or, maybe your own mountain-top was a quiet, private encounter between you and God. Whatever kind of experience it was, every mountaintop has something in common\'96it\'92s followed by a valley. As Christians we have to learn to move from the emotional \'93high\'94 of an experience with God, through the \'93lows\'94 of everyday life\'96and keep our faith strong. God promises to be there in the still, small voice that speaks to us even in the valleys.}{\plain \b \par }{\plain \par }{\plain \b Resources:}{\plain \b\i }{\plain \i After the Fire}{\plain is available from Piece of the Pie ministries (}{\field{\*\fldinst HYPERLINK "(www.pieceofthepie.org)" }{\fldrslt{{\*\cs30\ul\cf2 }{\*\cs30\cf2 www.pieceofthepie.org}{\*\cs30\ul\cf2 )}}}}{\plain for $9.99 US.\par }\pard {\shp{ \*\shpinst\shptop9091\shpbottom14410\shpleft140\shpright9375\shpbymargin\shpbxmargin\shpwr2{\sp{\sn fLine}{\sv 1}}{\sp{\sn lineStyle}{\sv 0}}{\sp{\sn lineWidth}{\sv 14478}}\brsp100{\sp{\sn shapeType}{\sv 202}}{\shptxt { {\plain \b My Commitment }{\plain \par }{\plain \par }{\plain Right now, when I think about my relationship with God, I feel _______________________\par }{\plain \par }{\plain _______________________________________________\par }{\plain \par }{\plain What\'92s good about that is ____________________________________________________\par }{\plain \par }{\plain What I\'92d like to change is ____________________________________________________\par }{\plain \par }{\plain One thing I want to do in the next few days to keep that relationship growing is\par }{\plain \par }{\plain ______________________________________________________________________\par }}}}}\pard \tx0\tx720\tx1440\tx2160\tx2880\tx3600\tx4320\tx5040\tx5760\tx6480\tx7200\tx7920\tx8640\tx9360 {\plain \par }{\plain \par }{\plain \b \par }{\plain \par }}