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Add more categories if you have a large group and if you can think of other categories that would work well with your group. Open your meeting by talking about how we all have different images of God, different impressions of what God is like. At tonight\'92s meeting, we\'92re going to focus on finding creative ways to express our personal images of God. The idea is not to create actual visual pictures of what we think God looks like, but works of art that express how we \'93see\'94 God.\par }{\plain \par }{\plain Assign people randomly to groups and send each group to one of the stations. They have 20-30 minutes to discuss together their images of God, choose an image they can all work with, and create a work of art that expresses that idea of what God is like. After the working time is over, bring everyone back together and allow time for each group to present their artwork to the others.\par }{\plain \b \par }{\plain \b Preparation Time:}{\plain \par }{\plain Collect the needed supplies and set up the different stations well ahead of time. The music, drama, and mime groups will work best if you can arrange for them to be in separate rooms, so they can prepare their presentations without being interrupted by others. That way, their presentations will have more of an impact when the rest of the group sees them.}{\plain \b \par }{\plain \b \par }{\plain \b Bible Text:\par }{\plain John 14:8-10\par }\pard \tx0\tx720\tx1440\tx2160\tx2880\tx3600\tx4320\tx5040\tx5760\tx6480\tx7200\tx7920\tx8640\tx9360 {\plain \b \par }{\plain \b Song Service:\par }{\plain \b \par }{\plain \'93Father, I Adore You\'94}{\plain \b \par }{\plain \b \par }{\plain \b Vesper or Closing Thought:\par }{\plain Some of us picture God as a stern father, or an indulgent grandfather. Some people imagine God as female, or non-human. The Bible tells us that God is a spirit (John 4:24) and that both men and women were created in God\'92s image (Genesis 1:27), so obviously no merely human image can begin to touch on what God is really like. Perhaps that\'92s why the Israelites were commanded to be different from other nations, and not have any physical image of their God (Exodus 20:4). Thinking about the different ways we picture God helps us realize that God is bigger than anything we can possibly imagine. Yet there\'92s one human image that very accurately reflects God\'96the face of Jesus Christ. Jesus told us that if we have seen Him, we know what God is like (John 14:8-10). Before you go to bed tonight, look through the gospels and get a glimpse of Jesus. }{\plain \i That\'92s}{\plain what God is like!\par }{\plain \par }{\plain \b \par }}