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Suggested costumes to have youth dress up in might include:\par }\sect \sectd \sbknone\headery1440\footery1440\endnhere\endnhere {\*\pnseclvl1\pnstart1\pnhang{\pntxta \'95}} {\*\pnseclvl2\pnlcltr\pnstart1\pnhang{\pntxta .}} {\*\pnseclvl3\pnlcrm\pnstart1\pnhang{\pntxta .}} {\*\pnseclvl4\pndec\pnstart1\pnhang{\pntxtb (}{\pntxta )}} {\*\pnseclvl5\pnlcltr\pnstart1\pnhang{\pntxtb (}{\pntxta )}} {\*\pnseclvl6\pnlcrm\pnstart1\pnhang{\pntxtb (}{\pntxta )}} {\*\pnseclvl7\pndec\pnstart1\pnhang{\pntxta .}} {\*\pnseclvl8\pnlcltr\pnstart1\pnhang{\pntxta .}} {\*\pnseclvl9\pnlcrm\pnstart1\pnhang} {\pntext\pard \'95\tab} \pard \s1\fi-720\li720\tx720 {\*\pn \pnlvlblt\pnstart1\pnindent1\pnhang{\pntxta \'95}} {\plain athlete\par }{\pntext\pard \'95\tab} \pard \s1\fi-720\li720\tx720 {\*\pn \pnlvlblt\pnstart1\pnindent1\pnhang{\pntxta \'95}} {\plain business man or woman\par }{\pntext\pard \'95\tab} \pard \s1\fi-720\li720\tx720 {\*\pn \pnlvlblt\pnstart1\pnindent1\pnhang{\pntxta \'95}} {\plain old-fashioned (long skirts and hair up for a girl)\par }{\pntext\pard \'95\tab} \pard \s1\fi-720\li720\tx720 {\*\pn \pnlvlblt\pnstart1\pnindent1\pnhang{\pntxta \'95}} {\plain formal, evening-wear\par }{\pntext\pard \'95\tab} \pard \s1\fi-720\li720\tx720 {\*\pn \pnlvlblt\pnstart1\pnindent1\pnhang{\pntxta \'95}} {\plain skater\par }{\pntext\pard \'95\tab} \pard \s1\fi-720\li720\tx720 {\*\pn \pnlvlblt\pnstart1\pnindent1\pnhang{\pntxta \'95}} {\plain rock/punk/hip-hop star (whatever\'92s popular with your youth)\par }{\pntext\pard \'95\tab} \pard \s1\fi-720\li720\tx720 {\*\pn \pnlvlblt\pnstart1\pnindent1\pnhang{\pntxta \'95}} {\plain other (let the youth generate some ideas as you plan this)\par }\pard {\*\pn \pnlvlcont} {\plain \par }{\plain For each costume, make the young people responsible for getting their own clothing (you can give them some help and suggestions if needed) and selecting an appropriate piece of music to play as they come out on stage. On the night of your meeting, have the \'93stars\'94 arrive with their clothes and give them space to dress where they won\'92t be seen by others until they go out on stage. You play the role of the master of ceremonies and introduce each person as he/she comes out, playing the music they\'92ve chosen. Allow the kids to have some fun with this part of the activity. When all the fashion models have come out, have them sit in a row at the front of the room and open the floor for discussion, using the questions below.\par }{\plain \par }{\plain \b Discussion questions\par }{\plain 1. What does each costume say about the person wearing it? How do the clothes convey that message?\par }{\plain 2. Do you feel it\'92s wrong for people to judge you by what you wear? Do you choose your clothes to \'93make a statement\'94?\par }{\plain 3. Is there any type of clothing here (or anything not shown here, but that you see on the streets) that\'92s inappropriate for a Christian to wear? Why or why not? }{\plain \b \par }{\plain \par }{\plain \b Preparation Time:}{\plain Get your \'93models\'94 together to brainstorm and plan this event about two weeks in advance. Check back with them during the week before the program to make sure they\'92ll be prepared.\par }{\plain \b \par }\pard \tx0\tx720\tx1440\tx2160\tx2880\tx3600\tx4320\tx5040\tx5760\tx6480\tx7200\tx7920\tx8640\tx9360{\*\pn \pnlvlcont} {\plain \b Vesper or Closing Thought:\par }{\plain God looks at the inside; human beings look at the outside. God doesn\'92t judge us by how we look or what we wear. Other people do, and they may draw conclusions about who we are and what we believe by how we dress and present ourselves. Make sure the signals you\'92re sending out are the ones you want others to receive!\par }{\plain \par }{\plain \b \par }{\plain \par }}