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Give each group a separate space to meet and make sure all have Bibles. Assign one of the following Bible characters to each group:\par }\pard \s29\fi-720\li720\tx720 {\plain {\f3 \'43}\tab Joseph\par }\pard \s29\fi-720\li720\tx720 {\plain {\f3 \'43}\tab Esther\par }\pard \s29\fi-720\li720\tx720 {\plain {\f3 \'43}\tab Daniel\par }\pard \s29\fi-720\li720\tx720 {\plain {\f3 \'43}\tab Mary, the mother of Jesus\par }\pard {\plain \par }{\plain Each group should read together the relevant Bible passages about their character and discuss why this person deserves to be described as a person of strong character. Why was he/she strong? What important decisions did he/she make? What was his/her source of strength?\par }{\plain \par }{\plain Give each group 20 minutes to prepare. After reading and discussing the passages, they are to choose one person from their group to portray that Bible figure and coach that person on how to respond when asked about his/her life story. They should choose someone who knows their Bible fairly well and is not shy about talking/performing in front of a group.\par }{\plain \par }{\plain For the second part of the program, everyone returns to the main meeting area. Call the four people who are portraying the Bible characters up front for a panel discussion. Use the following questions and any others that occur to you or to your group as discussion starters:\par }\pard \s29\fi-720\li720\tx720 {\plain {\f3 \'43}\tab What was the most difficult time you experienced in your life?\par }\pard \s29\fi-720\li720\tx720 {\plain {\f3 \'43}\tab What got you through that time?\par }\pard \s29\fi-720\li720\tx720 {\plain {\f3 \'43}\tab What was the toughest decision you had to make?\par }\pard \s29\fi-720\li720\tx720 {\plain {\f3 \'43}\tab What influenced your decision?\par }\pard \s29\fi-720\li720\tx720 {\plain {\f3 \'43}\tab What advice do you have for young people today facing difficult choices?\par }\pard {\plain \par }{\plain Allow about 30 minutes for the panel discussion.\par }{\plain \b \par }{\plain \b Preparation Time: }{\plain This program requires little preparation, but will rely heavily on the skill of the four youth chosen to play the parts, and on your own ability as a moderator to draw them out and make the discussion both interesting, and relevant to today\'92s youth. You may want to work briefly with each group during their preparation time to make sure they have chosen someone suitable for the part, and have prepared that person well. Also, be sure they don\'92t get bogged down reading the quite long Bible passages\'96they should skim the familiar stories for the main details. For an added touch, if you have time and resources, bring a few costume items and props so they groups can dress up their character in a \'93Bible times\'94 costume.\par }{\plain \b \par }{\plain \b Bible Texts:\par }{\plain Joseph: Genesis 37, 39-45\par }{\plain Esther: Esther 2-5, 7\par }{\plain Daniel: Daniel 1, 2, 4-6\par }{\plain Mary: Luke 1:26-56, Luke 2, Matthew 1:18-24, Matthew 2\par }\pard \tx0\tx720\tx1440\tx2160\tx2880\tx3600\tx4320\tx5040\tx5760\tx6480\tx7200\tx7920\tx8640\tx9360 {\plain }{\plain \b \par }{\plain \b Song Service:\par }{\plain \'93I\'92ll be true, Precious Jesus\'94}{\plain \b \par }{\plain \b \par }{\plain \par }{\plain \par }{\plain \b \par }{\plain \par }}