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Preparation for the Last Day

2 Thessalonians 2
November 3, 2021
Day 307
Did you know some people claim Paul didn't write this letter because he hadn't spoken of the “man of sin,” (that is, the antichrist) before this? But Paul, as a Pharisee, knew his Old Testament practically by heart, and Daniel had made very clear the kind of things that would happen before the Great Day of the Lord. Paul reminds the Thessalonians (and us) that before Jesus comes, the prophecies of the antichrist must first come to pass. What in this chapter gives you hope and comfort?

Rewards Despite Trouble

2 Thessalonians 1
November 2, 2021
Day 306
This letter was written only a few months after the last one. Apparently someone brought news to Paul that some people thought Jesus was coming right away and were becoming fanatical. This makes this letter particularly appropriate for Adventists, as we try to maintain a balance between watching for Jesus to come, but not getting all excited or setting dates. As usual, Paul begins with commendations and prayers for the faithful people.

Final Instructions

1 Thessalonians 5
November 1, 2021
Day 305
Paul reminds his readers that they already know Jesus is coming again, so even though we don't know when, we won't be surprised as others will be. In the meantime, it's our job to tell as many others as possible, so they, too, will be ready. Then he gives some final instructions. And, lest anyone think that he's laying a bunch of rules on them, he repeats his constant theme, in verses 23 and 24: God is faithful, and He is the one who will do it.

Instructions, and a Passage on the Coming

1 Thessalonians 4
October 31, 2021
Day 304
Paul hardly has anything he needs to teach the Thessalonians. He says they are already following all his instructions in godly living, and that God Himself has taught them to be loving. All he can do is ask them to keep up the good work. But apparently some are confused about the resurrection, so he writes a passage that is beloved to this day. It would be encouraging to you to learn the whole passage from verse 16 to 18. How does it make you feel?


1 Thessalonians 3
October 30, 2021
Day 303
Paul had longed to go visit, himself, but when he couldn't, he sent Timothy. He was worried that he might get a sad report, but instead, Timothy came back with exciting news about the faithfulness, love, and diligence of the Thessalonians. Why do you think it helped Paul so much in his own trials to learn that these others were being faithful? Do you think it helps others when you are faithful?


1 Thessalonians 2
October 29, 2021
Day 302
Paul remembers when he first came to this area. It was right after he and his companions were harried from Philippi, and the loving and eager reception they received in Thessalonica was balm for their hearts. When missionaries visit in your area, how can you be an encouragement to them, after the hardships and sometimes opposition they have faced in other places?


1 Thessalonians 1
October 28, 2021
Day 301
This letter may be the very first Bible book written. Only James could possibly be older. It was probably written from Corinth, and is generally considered to be the first preserved letter from Paul. This first chapter is heartwarming; Paul simply overflows with thanksgiving to God for the faith and compassion of the people in Thessalonica. Imagine how it would feel if your conference president wrote a letter to your church saying you were an example to your whole country!

Personal Greetings

Colossians 4
October 27, 2021
Day 300
As usual, Paul ends with personal greetings and instructions to individuals, but notice two things—he asks for prayer for himself as he seeks to spread the gospel even in his chains, and he advises that we all be “wise” in how we treat people outside our own churches and communities, “making the most of every opportunity.” In other words, don't just avoid people who believe differently. Watch for ways to show them love, and increase their curiosity about Jesus. What are some ways you could do that?

How to Live a Holy Life

Colossians 3
January 26, 0009
Day 299
Instead of following a long list of do's and don't's, Paul says, here is how to live. First, verses 3 and 4, die with Jesus and set your mind on Him. Next, verses 5 through 11, throw off all your old sins and habits, including the temptation to divide people into castes or cliques. Finally, verses 12 through 17, like a beloved child, put on love and gentleness and all the lovely garments of salvation bought for us by Jesus. Then you'll see the loving family relationships described in the last part of the chapter.
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