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Jesus—First, Last, and Always

Hebrews 1
November 19, 2021
Day 323
This book is a beautiful explanation of the old sanctuary system in the light of the fulfilled prophecies of a sacrificial Messiah. This first chapter, much of which is a collection of quotes from the Old Testament, centers on the full Godhood of Jesus. How many things can you list from the first four verses which are attributes that prove that Jesus is God?

A Personal Request

Philemon 1
November 18, 2021
Day 322
This brief letter is entirely a personal note to a friend. It doesn't seek to teach any doctrine. It simply intercedes on behalf of a servant who apparently used to be “useless” but is now converted, and Paul asks Philemon, his boss, to accept him “as you would me.” That's quite a request, about a slave, whom some would consider as not deserving of so much respect. It can be hard to read this letter, accepting slavery as a fact of life. We simply have to accept that God takes us where we are, and leads us closer to Him step-by-step. Paul wants Philemon to consider Onesimus as a brother and an equal now. How do you imagine Philemon responded?

Godly Living

Titus 3
November 17, 2021
Day 321
Not only are we, of any age, to be respectful and helpful to each other, but we are also to respect and submit to earthly authorities, so long as they don't command us in opposition to God's law, which comes first. Paul makes a clear distinction between the sinful natures we used to give into all the time, and the new natures we are being granted by the Holy Spirit. What are some of the differences?

Generational Responsibilities

Titus 2
November 16, 2021
Day 320
Throughout the Bible, God shows us that the young and the old have responsibilities toward each other. Young are to respect elders, and elders are to be patient and kind to the young. We have seen this doesn't mean blind obedience; Timothy was told not to allow older people to just brush him off because he was young. Where does true wisdom come from? How can you tell when someone, young or not-so-young, is wise?

Pure or Impure

Titus 1
January 15, 0009
Day 319
Paul had left Titus on the island of Crete, in the Mediterranean, to take over the leadership and organization of the churches there. As in many of these pagan cities, there was controversy even among believers, stirred up by people who were either unconverted or only partially converted, and having to do with myths and genealogies and legalism. Paul tells Titus that even when things are good, impure people (any people whose hearts are not completely turned over to God alone) either misunderstand them or twist them, so that even truth seems false. What safeties against this sort of falsehood can you find in this chapter?

Last Words

2 Timothy 4
November 14, 2021
Day 318
It's moving to read these words and know they were the last ones that Paul wrote in letter form, unless there are letters that have been lost over the 2,000 years from then to now. Familiar verses like 7 and 8 take on new meaning in this light. Paul knows his time is short. Notice the particular imagery he uses in verse 6. What do you think he means, “like a drink offering”? Why did he choose that image? You could look up drink offerings in the Old Testament and see what parallels you could draw.

Faithfulness for Hard Times

2 Timothy 3
November 13, 2021
Day 317
Timothy knows, and Paul agrees (and you know, too) that hard times come to everybody. Paul's description of the last days is very recognizable, isn't it! Even without the stress of the whole world that comes in the last days, individuals face problems and persecutions. Paul spends the last half of this chapter laying out the things that will keep Timothy (and you) faithful and steady during those times. Make a list and consider which things you may need to strengthen.


2 Timothy 2
November 12, 2021
Day 316
Paul reminds Timothy to keep faithfully preaching the truth, no matter how it is received. He compares the Christian life to the training of an athlete or soldier. Others might criticize or disagree, but the only person to try to please is the leader—and in this case, the Leader is Jesus. It only matters if we please Him, not anyone else. Notice how he says that even the strongest opponents must be reasoned with “gently.” The hope is that even they will reach repentance. Have you tried reasoning with an opponent?

Peter’s Ladder

2 Peter 1
December 12, 2021
Day 346
This is an amazing chapter. First of all, when the study verse says “by these,” it means by God's “glory and excellence,” just mentioned. Then it promises that we can actually “partake of,” that is, take into ourselves, “divine nature!” That's astonishing! Then it goes on to show step-by-step how this happens, with the list known as “Peter's ladder.” Make a paper ladder and write these virtues on each rung. Where are you today?
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