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A Turning Point

Numbers 14
May 24, 2022
Day 144
The people side with the 10 frightened spies. Not only do they want to appoint a different leader and go back to slavery, they even want to stone Moses and Joshua and Caleb! Have we yet, in the whole Bible, seen God this angry? He has good reason! Do you think He really wanted to destroy His own people, or just to test Moses and his resolution? What was Moses’ response, and what do you think God thought of that? What did the people do next? How would you have responded if you had to wander 40 years with rebels when you were ready to trust and obey?

Respect God’s Prophet

Numbers 12
May 22, 2022
Day 142
There were lots more excuses to complain during this period, weren’t there? God was trying to train the people to trust and obey, but He wasn’t having much success. Then came the worst—the leaders began to complain against their head leader (which really meant complaining against God for putting Moses in charge). What does verse 1 say their true objection was? It was prejudice, pure and simple. But what did they claim was their objection, in verse 2? How did God respond, and what do you think the ultimate results were in the hearts of Aaron, Miriam, and Moses?

Complaints Lead to Complaints

Numbers 11
May 21, 2022
Day 141
The Israelites had only traveled three days when they began whining. Worse, their complaints led Moses to complain, too! He blamed God for making him take care of all these complaining people, and even asked for death! You’d think God would be angry, but His response shows us that He knew Moses was simply overworked and overtired. What solution did God give Moses? How do you see this principle of sharing the burdens in action in your church and community?

Silver Trumpets and an Exciting Day

Numbers 10
May 20, 2022
Day 140
Two silver trumpets, to blow assemblies and alarms, would be very special. Most calls were sounded on rams’ horns. If you want to know what this sounds like, you may be able to find it online. Then, at last, after nearly two years at Sinai, the people were ready to roll up their new tabernacle and move on. Carefully, in the order they were given by God, they did their duties and moved out. What a change from the rabble that fled from Egypt! How do you imagine it felt?

Trust and Obey

Numbers 9
May 19, 2022
Day 139
Here is the story of the first Passover remembrance festival. We can see by the dates that this is the month after the tabernacle was completed and set up. We can also see that the census was conducted on that same first day of Passover (while the men were lining up to be counted, the women were cooking!) Notice that the Passover rituals have built-in rules to share with the poor and with resident aliens. How can we make that true in our church and community life?

Dedicating Levites

Numbers 8
May 18, 2022
Day 138
Have you ever been at an ordination where someone was set aside to work for God as a pastor or deacon? That is something like the scene here. The whole tribe of Levi had already been chosen by God—people did not choose them and could not agree or disagree with their call—but now they had a “cleansing” service, in which literally all the people literally presented them as an offering to the Lord (see v. 11). Note at the end that they worked from 25 to 50.

First Offerings

Numbers 7
May 17, 2022
Day 137
We’ve moved slightly back in time, and are going to see the full story of what happened when the tabernacle was first complete and set up. This chapter can be slow reading, but isn’t it interesting to imagine the heads of families eagerly bringing their offerings for the first time to the brand-new tabernacle? In verse 89, how does God show His pleasure?


Numbers 6
May 16, 2022
Day 136
The first part of this chapter is about people who want to make a special, temporary vow, dedicating themselves to the Lord in a special way. It is important that even at that time and place, where women were given little power and often thought of as much less important or valued than men, they could make these vows, too. The chapter ends with one of the most beautiful blessings in the Bible. Memorize it and use it and see what happens in your heart.


Numbers 5
May 15, 2022
Day 135
The people at this time had no concept of germs or the way disease spreads, so God told them to separate sick people. In other places He gives more detail about how to bring them back when they are well. He also teaches the people about making restitution to one they have wronged. If we can, we are to make restitution directly to the one we have wronged, but if not, then to God.
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