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Closing Battles

Revelation 11
January 2, 2022
Day 2
As we enter this chapter, we are seeing the forces of evil ever more desperate to vanquish God’s light and love on the earth. Verse 15 shines like a beacon of light in the midst of this darkness. Can you find other verses that give you hope? What do they remind you about Jesus?

A Mysterious Prophecy

Revelation 10
January 1, 2022
Day 1
In these first verses, as this angel is described, who does the description remind you of? It seems that this is Jesus Himself. As soon as He cries out, seven mysterious thunders say something, and John was going to write it down, but was told not to. Then Jesus makes a wonderful promise. What does He promise? Finally, John is given a little book and told to eat it. What happens when he does? We Adventists see this as the promise of Christ's coming in the early 1800s—great joy, sweet as honey, then great disappointment when it turned out they were mistaken as to time. What do you learn about Jesus in this chapter?

Fifth and Sixth Trumpets

Revelation 9
December 31, 2021
Day 365
Here is even more death and destruction and terror. You can learn a lot about the devil in this chapter, but that is not our focus. Where do you find hope? Where does this chapter teach about Jesus, and what does it teach us? Notice the last verse of the chapter—it seems that in all these horrible events, God is still trying to wake up some of His rebellious children, but what does verse 21 say? How do you think God feels about this?

Seventh Seal: Seven Trumpets

Revelation 8
December 30, 2021
Day 364
This chapter is full of sorrow and destruction. Notice that the first thing that happens, even before the seven trumpets are sounded, is that an angel adds incense on the altar of God to the prayers of the saints. Why do you think God wants as much prayer as possible at this time? What does it show about Jesus?


Revelation 7
December 29, 2021
Day 363
Between the opening of the sixth and seventh seals, John was shown an interlude in which 144,000 (perfection times perfection) of His children from every age, plus an enormous multitude of all the people who have come out of false systems and turned to God are worshiping Him with all their might. Can you feel the joy? What do you learn about Jesus? Especially notice the beauty of the last five verses.

The First Six Seals

Revelation 6
December 28, 2021
Day 362
There is a huge amount of prophetic information in this chapter, and in all the book. You should study it with the help of resources offered by your church. But in these six seals, our question for today is, what do you learn about Jesus? Do you ever ask, as in verse 10, “How long, Lord?” What does the sixth seal sound like? We've seen this language before in the Bible. Jesus is coming, finally! How does this make you feel?

The Sealed Scroll

Revelation 5
December 27, 2021
Day 361
Still in the throne room, before God the Father, John sees a scroll bound with seven seals—in other words, perfectly and completely bound. No one on earth or in heaven is able to open it—except One. That One is seen as a Lamb who has been slain, but who has seven horns (complete power) and seven eyes (complete, all- seeing wisdom). Why does the angel say He is worthy to open the book? What does this say to you about Jesus?

The Throne Room

Revelation 4
December 26, 2021
Day 360
Now we begin the main body of the book of Revelation. The visions John saw, many of which are strange and disturbing, all say something to us about Jesus. First, John is taken to the very throne room of God. Imagine his awe! What would you have felt like to see the scenes and events described here? What do you learn about Jesus?

More Messages to Churches

Revelation 3
December 25, 2021
Day 359
Again, God speaks to His people through the ages, as well as to different groups and different individuals. Read this chapter to consider three questions: 1—What do you learn about Jesus? 2—In this chapter, the final message, the one to Laodicea, is the historic one for the church today, in the last times. What special message do you see for Seventh-day Adventists and Christians in general? 3—What message does God have for you personally in this chapter?
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