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The Ten Commandments Again

Deuteronomy 5
June 20, 2022
Day 171
Now, for 22 chapters, Moses will repeat to the people all the laws he has already taught them. He knows they tend to forget, and besides, they didn’t write things down the way we do today; most of them couldn’t read, so they had to learn it all by heart. Compare the Ten Commandments here to the ones in Exodus 20. There is one difference. Can you find it? What new insight does it give you into the meaning of the Sabbath?

Keep the Law!

Deuteronomy 4
June 19, 2022
Day 170
While Moses is thinking of his own regrets, he reminds the people urgently to keep and treasure the laws and regulations God has given them. He urges them to keep these laws close to their heart and teach them to their children. And he repeats his own sorrow, that he can’t go into the land with them. Did you remember God’s secret that He had planned for Moses? Moses was taken up to heaven! He’s there right now. He even came to see Jesus while Jesus was on earth. So we can be pretty sure he doesn’t regret missing out on Canaan.

Moses’ Own Story

Deuteronomy 3
June 18, 2022
Day 169
Here, at the end of the chapter in verses 23-28, is where we learn more detail about Moses and his own regret. He begs God to let him go over with the people. It must be so hard for him, to have led them faithfully all this way, for 40 years, and not to be allowed to go in. But he submits humbly, and God does give him a view of the Promised Land. What he doesn’t know is that God has a surprise for him. Do you know what it is?

Retelling the Stories, Part 2

Deuteronomy 2
June 17, 2022
Day 168
In the first four chapters of Deuteronomy, Moses tells the people the stories of their wanderings so far. People love to tell and retell their family stories. Just think of what it’s like when your family gets together, especially if they’ve been apart a long time. All the old aunties and uncles start telling the same old stories, don’t they? And there are always new stories, too. So, it was for the Israelites. Remember that these are the younger people, the second generation, who were children when they left Egypt or have been born in the meantime. How do you think they liked hearing the stories?

Retelling the Stories, Part 1

Deuteronomy 1
June 16, 2022
Day 167
With the end of Numbers, we end the laws Moses expounded as they camped across the Jordan from Jericho. The book of Deuteronomy is a collection of speeches Moses made during the two months they camped here, preparing to enter the Promised Land. He knew he was about to die, leaving the leadership of the people to Joshua. He knew why, too—his rebellious disobedience of striking the rock and taking credit. Moses longed to finally get through to the people that they were God’s, God was leading them, and they must learn to obey from their hearts! He begins by retelling them the stories of their people, going all the way back to Father Abraham.

Dividing Up the Land

Numbers 34
June 13, 2022
Day 164
Before they even enter in, God has His plans all set. They did not have maps like ours, let alone GPS or other technology, so it must have been difficult to determine where the boundaries should be. The twelve spies (38 years earlier) had checked the land out, but they couldn’t have gone all over in great detail. So, God lays it out for them, explaining where the boundaries will be, and how to apportion the land fairly among all the tribes, also clarifying the land on the other side of the Jordan, where Reuben, Gad, and Manasseh have their portions.

Looking Back, Looking Forward

Numbers 33
June 12, 2022
Day 163
The first part of this chapter summarizes 40 years of wandering. If you can find a map of the wanderings, it’s fun to look at it while reading this chapter. Then God gives them their instructions for crossing over. Before possessing the land in peace, they must drive out all those who have flagrantly refused to worship the God of heaven and insisted on worshiping idols instead. This is true of us, too. What kinds of things does God drive out of our hearts before He can fully possess us?

Gad and Reuben’s Inheritance

Numbers 32
June 11, 2022
Day 162
The people are very near to the Jordan now, almost ready to go across and possess the land God has promised them. The tribes of Gad and Reuben see that the land on the east of the Jordan is beautiful and fruitful, and they want to stay there. At first Moses is angry, because he thinks they are shirking their duty, but they explain that they will help the other tribes gain their inheritance before claiming their own. Can you think of a time when you put off something you wanted until you helped another person with their own goals?

Vengeance on Midian

Numbers 31
June 10, 2022
Day 161
This is an ugly story. Sin always causes more sin, and enough death and destruction that you’d think we humans would learn to follow God’s ways instead. This chapter details the vengeance on the people of Midian who had been the leaders in the idolatrous rebellion of the Israelites. The only good thing that can be said is that in the end, the warriors shared their bounty with God, in gratitude for saving the soldiers’ lives.
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