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Babylon is Fallen!

Revelation 18
January 9, 2022
Day 9
This chapter is a sorrowful one. It lists so many great blessings, all of which were given by God to all humanity, but which were obtained by greed, and hoarded up until the humans who do such things are not really human anymore. They care about nothing but their own desires, and power. “Woe, woe!” is the cry, and it is, indeed a sorry time for the Creator of us all. And still, the voice of hope is heard, urging, “Come out!” What does this tell you about Jesus?

Judgment of Babylon

Revelation 17
January 8, 2022
Day 8
This chapter is one of the ones that matches most closely with the prophecies of Daniel. Throughout the Bible, Babylon has been used as a symbol for self-will, greed, rebellion, and all who simply want what they want no matter how many it hurts. Do you see that mindset at work in our world now? Here is its logical end. What do you learn about Jesus in this chapter?

The Seven Last Plagues

Revelation 16
January 7, 2022
Day 7
This chapter is full of horrors. We know that our God of love, who yearned to save all His children, is weeping as so many insist on going their own way, and taking the consequences about which He has warned us for millennia. As is often the case in our earthly lives, we have to search with keen eyes for the light of God’s truth and love. Where do you find it in this chapter? What is being revealed about Jesus here?

The Song of Moses and the Lamb

Revelation 15
January 6, 2022
Day 6
The worst moment of all, the seven last plagues, are about to fall on unrepentant humanity, but even now, there is praise in heaven. Just think—Moses is alive there! He can sing this song with the angels. As you read, especially verses 3 and 4, what do you think Moses has learned about Jesus (who didn’t come to earth until hundreds of years after Moses’ earthly life)?

The Three Angels

Revelation 14
January 5, 2022
Day 5
Here, just when Revelation was looking all dark, is another moment of relief—a glimpse of heaven. No matter what is going on down here, in heaven all is praise, because they know who is really in control. Make a list of the things you learn about Jesus in this chapter.

The Beasts

Revelation 13
January 4, 2022
Day 4
The story heats up—more beasts, pale copies of the great dragon, Satan, rise up and try to make everyone follow them and turn against God. You have to read carefully to find anything about Jesus and about God winning, but there it is, in verse 8. What is the light of hope in that verse? Can you find more in this chapter?

The Woman and Her Child

Revelation 12
January 3, 2022
Day 3
This chapter reads like a fantasy novel. There is a “great dragon,” and a true and righteous woman, and her innocent child. Forces of evil fight against the woman, but truth and God prevail. This is the history of God’s Word in the earth, among those who accept it and live by it, and those who condemn and try to kill them— and even try to kill the heavenly Child, Jesus. You can learn a lot about Jesus in this chapter!

Closing Battles

Revelation 11
January 2, 2022
Day 2
As we enter this chapter, we are seeing the forces of evil ever more desperate to vanquish God’s light and love on the earth. Verse 15 shines like a beacon of light in the midst of this darkness. Can you find other verses that give you hope? What do they remind you about Jesus?

A Mysterious Prophecy

Revelation 10
January 1, 2022
Day 1
In these first verses, as this angel is described, who does the description remind you of? It seems that this is Jesus Himself. As soon as He cries out, seven mysterious thunders say something, and John was going to write it down, but was told not to. Then Jesus makes a wonderful promise. What does He promise? Finally, John is given a little book and told to eat it. What happens when he does? We Adventists see this as the promise of Christ's coming in the early 1800s—great joy, sweet as honey, then great disappointment when it turned out they were mistaken as to time. What do you learn about Jesus in this chapter?
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