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Free Children and Heirs

Galatians 4
October 11, 2021
Day 284
Would you rather be a son or daughter, or a slave? Of course, you would rather be a child of the King! What an inheritance! Paul explains that all people, not just Jews, are spiritual children of Abraham, and more importantly, children of God. When you read verse 6, be sure to say daughter if you are a daughter. What have you inherited already from your kingly heavenly Father? What are you looking forward to inheriting? Do you struggle with some of these same issues, worrying that you will not be perfect enough? Which verses give you the most help and comfort?

One in Christ

Galatians 3
October 10, 2021
Day 283
Again, as in Romans, Paul lays out his understanding of salvation by grace alone. He speaks to a misconception that is common to this day. People think, “Okay, we're saved by grace. Now, to show our gratitude to God, we have to work hard to be perfect.” What does Paul say to this attitude in verse 3? The last few verses of this chapter are some of the most important in the New Testament. What do you think would happen in your home, school, church, and community of those verses were truly lived?

Paul and Peter

Galatians 2
October 9, 2021
Day 282
In this chapter, Paul tells a story of a time when he even rebuked Peter. Knowing what we do of Peter, and of his fall on the night Jesus was arrested, it's easy to see why he might be afraid of being too lenient and losing his salvation. He had fallen prey to those who insisted that all Old Testament laws must be kept, and Paul had to speak sternly to his face. We can know, though he doesn't complete the story here, that Peter recognized that Paul was right. This shows how even experienced leaders in the church can make mistakes, but can also lovingly set each other straight—and can listen to each other. Reread verses 15-21. What is your response?

Called by God

Galatians 1:3
October 8, 2021
Day 281
In this letter, Paul must fight strongly to prevent the Galatian churches from falling into complete apostasy. Often we see apostasy as being turning away from God's law; that was what had threatened the Corinthians. But apostasy can also be turning to laws instead of to God. In this case, some people are insisting that carefully keeping all Old Testament Jewish laws and ceremonies is the only way to be saved. This is precisely the view Jesus came and spent His life combating. In this first chapter, Paul sets forth his credentials—why should they listen to him? Because his call came direct from God, not from any human or any church or synagogue.

Final Injunctions

2 Corinthians 13
October 7, 2021
Day 280
Paul finishes his letter, first with some stern warnings, in case there are still some who have not repented of sins he rebuked earlier, then with a return to love and compassion. He mentions a third letter here, which has been lost to time. Some believe that this third letter is the one in which he was even more stern and disciplinary than he was in 1 Corinthians, but we don't know for sure. Still, verse 11 by itself, if followed, would solve all other problems. Would you agree? Why or why not?

Strength in Weakness

2 Corinthians 12
October 6, 2021
Day 279
There are obviously still things that Paul worries about, as far as the Corinthians go. Their faith still falters, and they still are inclined to follow after people who claim to be powerful instead of sticking to the simple gospel they have been taught. Paul points out that it is precisely his weaknesses that cause the power and glory of God to shine forth. That's true for all of us. What weaknesses have you seen God shine through? What does verse 9 mean to you?

True and False Boasting

2 Corinthians 11
October 5, 2021
Day 278
Apparently there are other preachers pretending to preach a “gospel,” but only to gain money or power. They are mocking Paul and claiming to be more qualified to preach. Paul points out that if he wanted to boast of being a “super Jew,” (as in fact he used to do) he could. He lists all his so-called qualifications for conceit. But he says he only wants to boast of his weaknesses and that God still loves him even though he doesn't deserve it. Have you ever gone through any of the trials Paul lists here? How has God held you through any and every pain and trouble?

Divine Weapons

2 Corinthians 10
October 4, 2021
Day 277
When the world wages war, blood flows. When professed Christians wage war, often hearts break. But when true Christians wage war, it is only against demonic powers in the world, never against other people. There is a whole sermon in verses 3-6. Make a list of the kinds of things Paul says spiritual weapons can overthrow. We will be learning more about spiritual warfare in his future letters, so be thinking about the things in and around your life that you would like to conquer.

The Blessings of Generosity

2 Corinthians 9
October 3, 2021
Day 276
What a surprise! The Corinthians now learn that, just as Paul has bragged about the Macedonians to them, he was also bragging to the Macedonians about them! He goes on to give more detail about the kind of life blessings that follow generosity. The fact is, if we are selfish, it doesn't make us have any more plenty. It only makes us unhappy. But if we give lovingly, we find that God meets all our needs. How have you found this to be true in your life?
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