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A Faithful King

Genesis 20
February 2, 2022
Day 33
Here is the first serious sin of Abraham that we are told about. Like all of us, he was a sinner, of course, and no doubt made plenty of mistakes. But this time he lost his faith and lied, not believing God could protect him, and apparently not caring as much about Sarah as himself at that moment. Notice verse 6—God speaks, not to his friend, Abraham, but to a pagan king. And the king listens. What do you learn from this chapter?

Saved from Destruction

Genesis 19
February 1, 2022
Day 32
This is a terrible story. Abraham has bargained God down to saving Sodom if there are even ten righteous souls in it, but there aren’t. The angels can only save Lot, his wife, and their two daughters—and even they are not really righteous. Lot would have given his daughters to cruelty if the angels hadn’t stopped him, and his wife couldn’t stand to give up her home. Then the daughters chose a dishonorable way to have children. Why do you think God saved these people?

The Reward of Hospitality

Genesis 18
January 31, 2022
Day 31
What would you do if one day, you saw three strangers, offered them the hospitality of your house, and then learned they were angels? Can you imagine? All God’s covenants now come down to one specific promise, given in human words by a being in human form: “You will have a son.” Sarah and Abraham have a hard time believing it, but that doesn’t deter God.

The Covenant Gets a Sign

Genesis 17
January 30, 2022
Day 30
Now God becomes even more specific. Not only does He give Abram the physical sign of circumcision, but He also gives Abram and Sarai new names. From now on, they are Abraham and Sarah, and they will go down in history, to this very day. They are the parents of Jews and Arabs. Is there any way we can help those offspring to get along under one God?

God Speaks to a Slave Woman

Genesis 16
January 29, 2022
Day 29
If any think God speaks only to important or perfect people, they haven’t read their Bibles very well. God spoke to the first murderer, and here God speaks to a woman who has no say over her own life or body. To God, Hagar is just as important as Abram or Sarai. And so are you. How can you remind yourself of this?

Great Covenant

Genesis 15
January 28, 2022
Day 28
So far, God has covenanted with Abram several times, but only in general terms. “I will be with you, this is your land, all peoples will be blessed through you.” Now God becomes more specific. To this aging man and his aging wife, God promises a son of their own bodies, through whom the promise will be kept. God also promises to be a shield. This part of the promise is for all of us. How has God been a shield to you?

Battles and Tithes

Genesis 14
January 27, 2022
Day 27
In this chapter is the very first mention in the Bible of a “priest of God most high.” Abraham, after having won a battle in which he rescues Lot and the rest of his relatives, gives a tenth of everything to Melchizedek, the king of Salem, which means “king of peace.” In Hebrews 5 and 6, this man is named as an example of Christ Himself. When you win a spiritual battle in your life, do you give thank you gifts to God?

Taking Versus Trusting

Genesis 13
January 26, 2022
Day 26
In this chapter, Lot chooses what he thinks will be best for himself, with no thought to others, let alone to what he owes his elder kinsman. Abram, on the other hand, chooses to trust. In reply, God restates His covenant. What pattern do you see in our study verses? Is this also a pattern in your own life?

The First Patriarch

Genesis 12
January 25, 2022
Day 25
Here, the Bible moves from the general story of the beginning of all humankind to the specific story God will use as an example to all nations. He calls Abram to follow Him and to be the foundation of a people who is destined to be a blessing to the whole earth. As we shall see, that people never fulfills God’s plans for it. Yet, the heart of God’s promise, that all the earth will be blessed through this people, will come true. Do you know how? If not, stay tuned—the rest of the Bible tells the story of this greatest Blessing of all time.
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