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Absalom’s Rebellion, Finale

2 Samuel 18
October 25, 2022
Day 299
The whole reason David has fled is because the last thing he wants is war with his own son. But it becomes clear that Absalom must be stopped. So he organizes his army and sends it in three groups. But he gives each strict instructions—“Please, deal gently with Absalom, for my sake.” When Absalom gets caught up in tree branches because of the mane of hair he’s so proud of, and General Joab says he should be killed, one man refuses. But Joab kills Absalom. When David learns of it, he is shattered, and weeps for his son. He would rather have died, himself.

Absalom’s Rebellion, Part 3

2 Samuel 17
October 24, 2022
Day 298
In Absalom’s court, where he’s set himself up to be king, he has two advisors. One is Ahithophel, who is a follower of Absalom, and the other is Hushai, who is really a friend of David’s. Hushai, by the grace of God (see v. 14) is able to overturn the advice of Ahithophel. Then he secretly gets word to David to get across the Jordan to safety. The chapter ends with the heartwarming story of three men who bring food and supplies to the hungry and weary people who are following their true king into the wilderness. David is old now, and life in the wilderness wasn’t easy even when he was young.

Absalom’s Rebellion, Part 2

2 Samuel 16
October 23, 2022
Day 297
For the next several chapters, we will see stories of the confusion and pain caused by Absalom’s rebellion. In this chapter, Ziba lies about Mephibosheth for his own gain, and a man curses David for taking Saul’s kingdom. Someone who wasn’t aware of the inside story, of God choosing David to replace Saul, might think David had taken the kingdom by force. Besides, David is so discouraged by Absalom’s actions that he fears it might be true—perhaps God has turned away from him and will take the kingdom. So he returns tolerance for the cursing and leaves the outcome in God’s hands

Absalom’s Rebellion, Part 1

2 Samuel 15
October 22, 2022
Day 296
In politics in any age, it’s all too common for someone who wants to be leader to tell people he is on their side and understands them and will give them all they want…only to get them to follow him. Whether he will keep all his promises is another matter. Absalom does all this to steal the people’s hearts from his own father! Wise people, like Ittai in verse 21 and Hushai in 32, know that Absalom is not trustworthy and follow David faithfully. But clearly a confrontation is coming. Contrary to all his years of experience, David doesn’t want to fight his own son. So he leaves. But he prays, sets a friend to get him information, and waits on God to make things clear

A Terrible Family Sin

2 Samuel 13
October 20, 2022
Day 294
The sins of the fathers continue to be passed down the generations. One of David’s sons by one wife thinks he is in love with one of the daughters of another wife. You can clearly see in this story that it was not true love (which would never rape a loved one!) It was the same kind of lust for possession that David had shown. And you’ll notice David was deceived, but when he learned what had happened, he “was very angry” but he didn’t do anything. And so more lives were ruined and lost.

David is Confronted

2 Samuel 12
October 19, 2022
Day 293
Nathan was a brave prophet, like many before and after him. Prophets have always taken their lives in their hands when they speak truth to power…and often they have paid with their lives. David’s sin is as bad as any Saul ever committed. But now we can see the crucial difference between the two men. David sees the truth, accepts the truth, and humbly repents. He is not the only one who faces terrible consequences. Bathsheba loses her child, and the child loses the chance to live. What great sorrow our selfish choices can cause!

David’s Great Sin

2 Samuel 11
October 18, 2022
Day 292
Remember David’s weakness where women were concerned? He thinks of them as pretty objects he wants to possess, rather than as human children of God. David is about to perpetrate one of his worst sins, although the many people he has killed, even in “fair battles,” is also sinful and clearly displeased God. As a king with ever-growing power, David is beginning to think he should have whatever he sees and wants. His abduction of Bathsheba was bad enough, but his deliberate attempt, first to cover it up, then to get her husband killed, only compounds the evil. David was in extreme danger. What he does next will show his true character.

David’s Men Insulted

2 Samuel 10
October 17, 2022
Day 291
This story shows some of the misunderstandings that can occur when world leaders expect the worst of each other. Ammon and Aram were not used to kings like David, who actually set out to show kindness to people different from himself, without ulterior motives. They assumed ulterior motives where there were none, responded by “doing unto them before they could do unto us,” and precipitated war and defeat. What lesson can we learn for our interpersonal relationships?

David and Mephibosheth

2 Samuel 9
October 16, 2022
Day 290
Do you remember Mephibosheth? The beginning of his story was in 2 Samuel 4. His nurse dropped him during a flight for their lives, and his legs never healed properly. Now that David is king, he wishes he had his best friend at his side. So, he seeks out members of Saul’s and Jonathan’s family and treats them as he wishes he could treat Jonathan. At first Mephibosheth thinks David will kill him as the descendant of the king he replaced. How do you think he felt when David said the words in verse 7?
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