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David Made King

1 Chronicles 11
December 28, 2022
Day 363
As we read many of the same stories over again, keep your eyes open for new insights. The first verse of this chapter is heartwarming—the people want David for their king not because of his exploits or power, but because they feel one with him. There is another good story in verses 15-19. His men risk their lives to bring him water, and he is so grateful that he offers it to God instead of drinking it.

The Death of Saul and his Sons

1 Chronicles 10
December 27, 2022
Day 362
As you read, you will realize that the Chronicles are another set of records, just like the Kings. They were kept by different people, and so have slightly different details in some places. By comparing them, we learn more about the stories than we otherwise would. This chapter recounts the story of King Saul’s death, repeating that he died and his kingdom ended because of his unfaithfulness. The people of Jabesh-Gilead give us a beautiful picture of honoring the fallen even though they are fallen in more ways than one.

Israel’s Beginnings in the Promised Land

1 Chronicles 9
December 26, 2022
Day 361
This chapter contains yet more records, but with a different slant. These records tell of the first Israelites to settle in their new land. More interestingly, it tells more detail about the life of the Levites who were priests and what we would call deacons, in the verses from 14 to 34. Pay particular attention to verse 33, because it tells us how important music is to God. The musicians had no other duties than to create and share music in praise of God. Do you have musical gifts? How do you use it for God?

More Records

1 Chronicles 8
December 25, 2022
Day 360
Here is the lineage of Benjamin, with particular attention given to the lineage of Saul, who was a Benjamite and became Israel’s first king. If only he had followed God, perhaps Benjamin would now be the famous tribe, instead of Judah. Note in verse 34 that Jonathan’s son Mephibosheth, from 2 Samuel 4:4, apparently had another name, too: Merib-baal.

The Records Continue

1 Chronicles 7
December 24, 2022
Day 359
It’s something of a minor miracle that still, after all these thousands of years, we have these complete records of the early tribal genealogies. They are made interesting by the interspersed stories. In this chapter, the best bits are between vs. 20 and 26. Notice especially the unusual report of a woman who built towns, one of which was even named for her.

Turn and Turn About

1 Chronicles 5
December 22, 2022
Day 357
As the chronicler (or, more likely, generations of them) continues to keep the records, more stories begin to be interspersed among simple genealogies. There’s an interesting one at the end of this chapter. God helps Manasseh and Reuben fight against some unfaithful pagans, but then, the heads of households in their new land become unfaithful pagans themselves, and the story is turned around. God is displeased with unfaithfulness and rebellion, no matter who does it!

The Prayer of Jabez

1 Chronicles 4
December 21, 2022
Day 356
Here are more records, and more stories creeping in. In particular is a beautiful one that has become popular today: the story of the prayer of Jabez. His name means “he makes sorrowful,” so he didn’t exactly get the most promising start. But he chose honor despite what he was surrounded with, and he called on the God of Israel to help him. “Enlarge my borders” might mean a request for more land, but it can also be a request to broaden one’s spirit. What do you need God to stretch out for you?

More Records

1 Chronicles 2
December 19, 2022
Day 354
The chronicler continues with genealogy and other records, in part to show the history of certain regions and cities. Again, there are interesting details. Take a look at verse 7, for instance. How would you like your legacy, the whole thing that was remembered about you, to be that you were “the troubler of Israel”? We may not get our names in records known to most of the world like these people, but God knows and keeps a record of us and our doings. Let us pray that our records are positive ones.

The Best King of All

2 Kings 23
December 15, 2022
Day 350
Josiah knew, because the prophet Huldah told him, that the land was still headed for destruction. But he decided that while he was king, God’s way would be followed. He didn’t just decree it, as some had before him. He read the Book itself to all the people, and with them, made a new covenant. He made a thorough and complete clean-out of the house of God. They even kept Passover, which had been done in years and years! No other king, not even David and Solomon, were as single-hearted in their devotion to God. We can hope lots of people were saved during his reign. But as soon as he died, most people reverted right back to their idolatry and rebellion. And God had had enough.
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