PIA Pathfinder Instructors Award

Advanced Pathfinder Leadership Award (APLA) (Pathfinder Instructor Award–PIA)

This level is heavy on training the trainers– Area Coordinators and others who will be involved in helping local club leadership be as focused and sharp as possible. Persons who attempt this level must be approved by the local conference/field youth department, which would imply that these persons are already living exemplary Seventh Day Adventist Christian lives. They qualify as true role models in their daily living, in leadership, and in all Pathfinder-related skills. The skills learned during this level of continuing education will enable the candidate to clearly present the best knowledge in the best way so club leadership will gain the maximum benefit, implying, therefore, that the children receiving the actual development process might truly become the best youth in the world. It should be true, indeed, at every investiture that “these symbols presented represent the very highest ideals of the Seventh-day Adventist Church for its youth.” It is our desire that each candidate will see this, not as an end in itself, but as a further step in the continual life-long process of sharpening and improving skills.

Advanced Pathfinder Leadership Award (Pathfinder Instructor’s Award) Requirements

  1. Prerequisites Page
    1. Hold a current Pathfinder Leadership Award certification.
    2. Submit application for APLA/PIA to the conference/mission Pathfinder Director.
  2. Personal Growth
    1. Read a Bible Year plan or the Encounter Series III or IV. Christ Our Redemption, Christ Our Hope
    2. Read a book on leadership not previously read.
    3. Prepare a Pathfinder article for publication.
  3. Seminars
    1. Complete a minimum of three hours of leadership growth in seminars dealing with these topics:
      1. Training Instructors to Train
      2. Dealing with Attitude
      3. Using Your Influence
    2. Complete 10 hours of APLA-level seminars covering the following topics:
      1. Management skills
        1. Methods of facilitation
        2. Effective meeting procedures
        3. Understanding temperaments
          1. Optional Unit: Team Building
      2. Training skills
      3. Presentation skills
        1. Organizing your presentation
        2. Visual aids
  4. Preparation and Presentation
    1. *Prepare an outline or script, including visual aids and instruction/curriculum materials, for a presentation on one of the following:
      1. A minimum of three hours on any seminar(s) chosen by the applicant in the Pathfinder Basic Staff Training Course.
      2. One of the new skills development seminars in the Master Guide or Pathfinder Leadership Award curriculum.
      3. *Submit the above materials to the conference/mission Pathfinder Director or Council for approval and revision. Be evaluated on the material you have developed.
    2. Within one year of the evaluation given in requirement IV.-1. above, participate as a presenter in at least one sponsored leadership training seminar utilizing at least a portion of the materials prepared.

Appendix– AY Encounter Series III “Christ Our Redemption”AY Encounter Series IV “Christ Our Hope”