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TYI (Total Youth Involvement): Promo video
TYI (Total Youth Involvement): Promo video
TYI - YouTube Evangelism Promo
TYI – YouTube Evangelism Promo

Total Youth Involvement #TYI19

Immediately after the annual Week of Prayer comes another week in which Ambassadors and Young Adults will stand on the pulpits or sit in groups to teach the Word of God and passionately call other young people to Jesus. This will be an expression of Total Youth Involvement. While the world church is focusing its efforts on the Total Member Involvement initiative, the Youth Ministries has decided to make the mantra intentional and relevant for what we do by dubbing it Total Youth Involvement! #TYI19

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TYI19 Web Banner iBrandDownload
1. Why So Much SufferingSermonsDownload
2. What Happened to Right and WrongSermonsDownload
3. Created for Something BetterSermonsDownload
4. Voices Beyond the GraveSermonsDownload
5. Facing the Judgment with ConfidenceSermonsDownload
6. Making a New StartSermonsDownload
7. Turn the Clock BackSermonsDownload
Sermons in Spanish (Full 7 part Series)SermonsDownload
Sermons in Portuguese (Full 7 part Series)SermonsDownload
Sermons in French (Full 7 part Series)SermonsDownload


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