Level: 1


  • What is the approximate number of named varieties of wattles in Australia?
  • What are…
    • What are phyllodes?
    • What work do they do for the plant?
    • Why are phyllodes so important in the study of acacias?
  • How are acacias classified into two major groups?
  • How does the shape of the seed pod and the way the seeds lie in the pod help in identification?
  • How many acacias in your state have true leaves (bipinnate) when adults?
  • Know the following
    • In seeding acacias what is seen first, true leaves or phyllodes?
    • How many have true leaves?
  • What must happen to an acacia seed before it will germinate and grow?
  • What acacias phyllodes are used to feed stock in times of drought?
  • What is the bark of some acacias used for in Australia?
  • What species of acacias are used for furniture making?
  • How do acacias help and benefit man, animals, insects, birds?
  • Make a collection of 10 or more dried pressed wattles with flowers and phyllodes and where possible pods and seeds. Show dates, place collected, common and scientific names. Some must be spike type flowers, some raceme type or single balls and some bipinnate leaves OR 20 or more close-up photographs you have taken of wattles showing the above details.

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