Level: 1


  • Know and practice the following safety rules:
    • Never wakeboard at night.
    • Never wakeboard during an electrical storm.
    • Always wear a ski vest while wakeboarding.
    • Make sure the wakeboarding rope is in good condition.
    • Make sure the wakeboarding bindings are in good condition.
    • Always have a spotter and flag in the boat.
    • Stay clear of objects, such as other skiers, swimmers, tubers, docks or floating objects.
    • If you fall let go of the rope.
    • After a fall, raise a hand to indicate you are all right.
    • Do not stand in the boat while it is moving.
  • Know the following hand signals:
    • Slower
    • Speed is OK
    • Faster
    • Back to dock
    • Stop
    • Turn
  • Put on the wakeboard by yourself. Be able to remove the wakeboard in deep water by yourself.
  • Execute a deep-water start on the wakeboard on a full line rope.
  • Successfully cross both wakes and return to center without falling.
  • Do a small jump off the wake and land without falling.

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