Ultimate Disc Advanced

Level: 2


  • Read and understand the newest USA Ultimate sanctioned rules and regulations.
  • Display a proficiency and understanding of both offensive and defensive positions for playing Ultimate.
  • Define and play all positions in a zone defense, and understand how to break a zone:
    • Cup
    • Mids
    • Deeps
  • Demonstrate proficiency in throwing the disk:
    • Bounce Pass
    • Shovel Pass
    • Hammer
  • Define the dimensions of a regulation playing field and end zones, and demonstrate an ability to set up markers and cones.
  • Define the following terms and playing circumstances:
    • Laying Out
    • Strip
    • Brick
    • Pull
    • Handler
    • Turnover
  • As a team or individual, develop a plan to practice outreach while completing the requirements for this honor. Possible options should include the following:
    • Post notes on bulletin boards and online, and place classifieds in newspapers inviting community participation
    • Have prayer before and/or after each game
    • Exhibit “Spirit of the Game” both on and off the field
    • Encourage healthy lifestyle choices both on and off the field, and encourage appropriate behavior and language
  • Practice throwing/catching and offensive/defensive drills and learn how to play smaller scale versions of the game as practice with fewer players, including “Hot Box.”.
  • Play three (3) collegiate pick-up games or a sanctioned USA Ultimate league game.
  • Become a member of the Ultimate Player’s Association, https://www.usaultimate.org/membership/default.aspx, or compete in a USA Ultimate-sanctioned tournament.

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