Level: 1


  • List as many modes of transportation you can think of that people use to get around the planet. Narrow down the previous list to a “Top Five” most common modes of transportation. List the pros and cons of each of the “Top Five.”
  • List some of the pros and cons of the following types of lodging:
    • Hotel/motel
    • Youth hostel
    • Friends/family
    • RV/trailer/camping
    • Resorts
  • What types of documentation may be necessary for travel? Explain the purpose of each type of document.
  • Watch a travelogue program that shows travel scenery and geography of a unique location.
  • Discuss in a group setting what kind of attitude travelers should have when traveling abroad.
  • Create a simple 7-day trip plan for a “family vacation.” As part of your plan, create a 7-day trip planner and include:
    • Details on one historic place to visit
    • Details on two natural sites to visit
    • Details on one recreational site to visit

Note: the first and last days may be travel days

  • List a few different ways people got around in Bible times.
  • Calculate approximately how long it would take to walk between Jerusalem and Damascus.
  • Sketch a map of a trip mentioned in the Bible:
    • Show name of person(s) and path taken including notable stops made.
    • Show different types of lines for each different mode of transport taken.
    • Show a “legend/key” for identifying markings and transport types.

Note: You may have to logically guess some aspects of the information if not mentioned directly in scripture.

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