Travel Advanced

Level: 2


  • Earn the Travel honor.
  • View a travelogue program not previously watched, of a unique location you would like to visit.
  • What safety considerations should you think of when traveling?
  • What health recommendations or requirements are recommended by your country’s health depart/office when traveling internationally?
  • Create a 7-day international trip plan for a “family vacation”:
    • Create a 7-day planner and include:
      • A description of one historic site to visit
      • A list and description of two natural sites to visit
      • A description of one recreational site to visit (Note: First and last days may be travel days)
    • Create a 7-day budget for the “family vacation” and include projected financial figures for a “family group” of four people:
      • Round trip airfare to that country
      • Automobile Rental (economy/compact)
      • Legitimate gas costs (remember that many countries list gas prices per liter)
      • Determine an average per night hotel expense
      • Determine an average per day food expense
      • Budget costs for sites you plan to visit
      • Legitimate souvenir expenses
      • Include 10% for miscellaneous expenses
  • Write a 100-word description or discuss in a group what you think traveling around in Bible times was like. Discussion topics might include:
    • contrasting distances traveled then vs. now
    • expectations of what you’d have available to you at your lodging (bathing, beds, # of people lodging together, etc.)
    • food eaten during a journey (no refrigeration or grocery stores back then)
    • why you would travel (recreation vs. necessities)

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