Level: 2


  • Make a list of the various tools needed for thatching, stating their uses, and show a “dekspaan” and a “needle” you have made.
  • State what materials are needed in erecting the framework of a roof ready for thatching. Tell briefly how you go about erecting the framework of a rondavel.
  • Name the various materials required for thatching, including several kinds of thatching “grasses” and thatching “threads.” Show samples of these.
  • Answer the following questions on the preparation of thatching material:
    • When is the grass cut and how is it stacked for storing?
    • How is the grass “combed” and made ready for thatching?
    • How is thatching rope made? What raw materials are used in your locality?
  • Answer the following:
    • Can any shape of roof be thatched?
    • Which is the easiest roof to thatch?
    • What are some of the advantages of a thatched roof?
    • What are some of the things that damage thatch? How would you protect a thatched roof against such?
  • Have some practical knowledge on how to thatch and demonstrate ability in laying a few short rows of thatch.
  • Answer the following:
    • How many workers are needed in thatching a rondavel?
    • Describe how you would start thatching a rondavel.
    • Tell, if possible demonstrate, how you would finish off: (1) a round roof (2) a gabled roof.

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