• Classify three types of tents and how to put them up. List their advantages and disadvantages.
  • Describe the materials are used in tent making?
  • Identify the classes of tents for the purpose intended and most well-known tent producers.
  • Choose a specific tent model that you would like to purchase and justify your choice.
  • Demonstrate how to prepare tent for rain and wind. List the rules for finding a place for a tent. (Campcraft #2, #3)
  • Put up and then take down a tent in the following situations:
    • Strong wind
    • At night
  • Tell the safety rules for living in a tent.
  • Demonstrate how to repair a tent in the following situations:
    • Torn or a burnt hole in the tent wall
    • Broken pole or arch
    • Torn zipping or grommet (eyelet)
    • Seam separation
  • Know how to keep and properly care for tents.

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