Swimming Beginners

Level: 1


Complete the Red Cross Swim level III–Stroke Readiness or the following:
1.      Retrieve an object from the bottom in chest-deep water, unsupported and with eyes open.
2.      Bob submerging head completely 15 times in chest-deep water.
3.      Bob in deep water (slightly over head) to travel to safe area or side of pool.
4.      Jump into deep water from side of pool.
5.      Dive from side of pool in kneeling and compact position.
6.      Prone glide with push-off for two body lengths.
7.      Supine glide with push-off for two body lengths.
8.      Swim front crawl–ten yards.
9.      Swim back crawl–ten yards.
10. Demonstrate elementary backstroke kick–ten yards.
11. Reverse direction while swimming on front.
12. Reverse direction while swimming on back.
13. Discuss safety diving rules.
14. Tread water.
15. Jump into deep water with life jacket.
16. Demonstrate H.E.L.P. position for one minute.
17. Demonstrate huddle position for one minute.
18. Demonstrate correct technique for opening the airway for rescue breathing.


Red Cross Water Safety Instructor’s Manual

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