Swimming Advanced

Level: 2


1.      Springboard dive in tuck and pike positions in suitable depth water.
2.      Swim continuously any combination of strokes for 500 yards.
3.      Swim front crawl–200 yards.
4.      Swim underwater–25 yards.
5.      Swim back crawl–l00 yards.
6.      Swim breaststroke–50 yards.
7.      Swim side stroke–50 yards.
8.      Swim butterfly–25 yards
9.      Demonstrate backstroke flip turn.
10. Do in-water rescues using equipment.
11. Discuss conditioning principles and demonstrate checking your heart rate.
12. Retrieve a diving brick (10-lb) from 8-10 feet of water.
13. Review water safety skills.
14. Tread water for five minutes.
15. Assist with a backboard rescue.

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