Springboard Diving

Level: 2


  1. Demonstrate the following dives:
    1. Swan
    2. Front somersault (tuck)
    3. Half twist
  2. Chose two optional dives from the following: half gainer (tuck, pike, or lay-out), cutaway, somersault front one and one-half, sailor dive, half twist, back dive, back knife, back jack.
  3. State the safety depths of water under a one-meter board, a three-meter board, and a tower. How far should the board project over the pool? What boards are recommended?


In the test each candidate will announce the dive type and be judged accordingly.


Basis of Judging. Attention position for running dives: attention position on end or board for standing dives based on (a) approach, (b) spring, (c) way body is carried through the air, lay-out, tuck, or pike, (d) entry into water.


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