Level: 1


  • Define what “soil” means?
  • Where on earth is all soil located?
  • What are 5 key factors in soil formation?
  • Define the following terms:
    • A-Horizon
    • B-Horizon
    • C-Horizon
    • Organic layer
    • Mineral layer
    • Clay
    • Leaching
    • Silica
    • Humus
    • Soil Profile
    • Parent Material
    • Pedologist
  • Define the term “Soil Classification”. Why are soils classified?
  • Discuss three differences between the following soil types:
    • Desert
    • Temperate
    • Tropical
  • Examine a 2-foot vertical section of soil. Label the different types of organic matter found, identify the different soil horizons, and mark the transition from the soil layer to the mineral layer.
  • Draw, photograph, or collect and correctly label 5 different soil types.

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