Snowshoeing Advanced

Level: 3


  • Complete the Snowshoeing Honor.
  • Explain 10 different kinds of snowflakes and their influence on snowshoeing.
  • Using one of the following, create a presentation that describes the origin and history of snowshoeing, including the use among native American peoples. List all sources used.
    • Electronic presentation
    • Bulletin board/presentation board display
    • Verbal presentation
    • Written report (minimum of one-page)
  • Review the basics of Snowshoeing safety as outlined in the Snowshoeing Honor.
  • Do one of the following.
    • Make a pair of functional “survival snowshoes” out of native and first aid materials that would likely be available to you in a survival environment.
    • Make a traditional set of functional snowshoes from natural and/or synthetic materials.
  • Successfully complete two three-mile snowshoe hikes. Make a detailed report describing the approximate depth and condition of the snow, animals and fauna, and the approximate speed at which you traveled.
  • After one of your hikes, write a paragraph exploring the spiritual dimensions of snow. Be sure to include at least three Scriptural references to snow.

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