Level: 2


Pass a test and receive your license for the Novice Class Amateur Radio License or Technician Class A.R.L. or complete the following 15 requirements.
1.      Receive and send correctly no less than five words a minute for five minutes, using code (25 five-letter words, 25 consecutive letters must be accurate).
2.      Explain at least eight regulations that govern radio operators holding a novice license.
3.      What instrument is used to measure electrical energy? electrical current? electrical potential? electric power?
4.      What are the proper abbreviations for: Greenwich Mean Time, megacycles, continuous wave, amplitude modulation, frequency modulation, kilocycles, Eastern Standard Time?
5.      State Ohm’s Law and give algebraic formula.
6.      Explain: amplification, modulation, detection, attenuation.
7.      What is the relationship between a fundamental frequency and its second, third, or fourth harmonic.
8.      May any transmission be made without identification of the station?
9.      At what intervals should an amateur station transmit its call sign?
10. What is the purpose of: a filter choke? An audio frequency choke? A radio frequency choke?
11. Explain function of: modulator, amplifier, rectifier, and filter.
12. Explain parasitic oscillation. (feed back)
13. How is the power input to the tubes supplying energy to the antenna of an amateur transmitter determined?
14. Explain the term, solid state.
15. Why are a rectifier and filter required in the plate power supply system when operated from alternating current? What are the regulations in your area that govern C.B. operators?
NOTE: The Novice License is good for one year only and cannot be renewed. The holder of a Novice License who is not prepared by the end of the year to take the “sending and receiving” test of the General Class (or conditional) License (13 words per minute) may secure the Technician License that is granted when one passes successfully the written or technical portion of the General Class License examination. There is no increase in expedition of receiving or sending required. The Technician License is good for five years.

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