Preach It

Level: 2


Instructor required* Note: Unlike many AY Honors, this honor does not have “knowledge” requirements categorized separately from action requirements. Rather, the requirements for honor completion are listed categorically.

  • Spiritual Preparation
    • What is intentional spiritual preparation?
    • Discuss with your instructor the role of spiritual preparation in Evangelism.
  • Seed Sowing
    • What is seed sowing?
    • Name 5 examples of “seed sowing”
    • Participate in at least one “seed sowing” event
  • Invitation — Demonstrate and/or explain three ways to invite someone to an evangelistic meeting.
  • Understand a Budget.
    • Develop a budget with the Pastor or your evangelistic team leader
    • Know how much money you have to work with and how to adjust your planning based on your budget
    • Unless it is already available at your venue, find out the costs of:
      • Equipment
      • Printed materials
      • Mailing and postage costs
      • Advertising
      • TV
      • Radio announcements
      • Building rent
  • Know the law/code regarding holding public meetings in your area.
  • Equipment Knowledge. List, describe the use of, and specialized care for the equipment needed in a media based evangelistic series, such as the following:
    • Projector
    • Know proper care of equipment
    • How to protect from dust
    • Demonstrate ability to properly connect to computer and operate
    • Computer
    • Know proper care (protection from dust etc.)
    • Demonstrate ability to hook up and use with projector.
    • Understand the program for using a “split screen”
    • Be familiar with the various plug adapters for use in other countries
    • Power Inverter
  • Sermon Preperation — Using Media type split screen computer evangelist sermons:
    • Demonstrate ability to edit
    • Use the “1st time translation sheet” and learn spacing
    • Work with a translator*
    • Practice the sermon 3-5 times out loud with a translator*
    • Work with your instructor for advice and input to improve your presentation.
  • Getting Decisions — Alter Calls.
    • What is an altar call?
    • What are some key ingredients of an altar call?
  • Present a five minute sermon you have edited.
  • Evangelist Meeting Follow-up
    • What does the term Disciple mean?
    • What was Christ method of discipling?
    • Name five things a church can do to disciple a new believer.

Instructor Requirements:

  • An adult who has preaching skills OR
  • Any holder of the advanced Preach It honor OR
  • Your pastor

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