Level: 1


  • Relate briefly the story of the beginning of the postcards in your country.
  • How was your country’s postal system affected by the coming of postcards?
  • What are the mailing rates for postcards and letters in your country?
  • What is the term used in your country for postcards collecting?
  • Give a brief description of each of the following eras of postcards:
    • Pre-postcard era
    • Pioneer era
    • Private mailing card era
    • Undivided back era
    • Divided back era
    • Early modern era (White Border)
    • Linen card era
    • Photo chrome era
  • Briefly describe each type of postcards:
    • View cards
    • Greeting cards
    • Historical cards
    • Art cards
    • Photographic cards
  • Show and label a picture of a postcard from each of the above eras.
  • Have some knowledge of preserving postcards.
  • Make a collection of at least 50 postcards. (No two postcards alike.) Your collection MUST include the following:
    • Begin your arrangement with a postcard of a religious nature
    • Postcards from at least 10 states/provinces/countries
    • Postcards from at least 2 other countries that are not your own
  • Arrange the collection of postcards in a suitable display and display at a pathfinder’s event.
  • How were greetings sent in Biblical times? 2 Cor 13:13, Phil 4:21 or 2 John 13.

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