Plaster Craft

Level: 1


  1. What is the principal ingredient of plaster of Paris?
  2. Give the steps in pouring a plaster item and preparing it for painting.
  3. Know how to remove air bubbles from a poured item.
  4. Know how the setup time can be increased or decreased for plaster.
  5. What precautions should be taken when cleaning the mixing and pouring equipment?
  6. What is a sealant applied to a plaster item and why?
  7. What type of paint is best to use on Plaster Craft items?
  8. Paint three items that will include the following designs and techniques or equivalent:
    1. Floral (to show shading)
    2. Animal (to show detail)
    3. Religious motto (to show letter highlighting)
    4. Fruit (to show highlighting)
  9. Mold and paint two additional items of different designs.

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