Parrots and Cockatoos

Level: 2


  • Name 15 species of parrot and five species of cockatoo that are common to Australia and be able to identify them from real life or pictures.
  • Name two species of parrot that builds its nest in a termite mound and tell where each is found.
  • Where in Australia would you find each of the following and describe the natural diet of each.
    • Long Billed Corella
    • Great Palm Cockatoo
    • Gang Gang Cockatoo
  • Which three species of cockatoo are known as the most rare?
  • Which is the largest species in the Rosella family? Where does it come from and what is its usual food?
  • Every State of Australia has a Rosella that is common to that State. Some are found in more than one State but there is one that is commonly associated with your State. Which is it?
  • When the Eclectus parrot was first found it was thought that the Male and Female were of different species. Why was this? Where are they found and what is their usual diet?
  • What Australian cockatoo is regarded as the most beautiful in the world? Describe what it looks like and where it is found.
  • Name four different Lorikeets and tell why they all have brush tongues.
  • Be able to describe the nest of any one of the above parrots or cockatoos and also tell the color of the egg.
  • Make a list of all the parrots and cockatoos that are common to your area.

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