Parade Floats Advanced

Level: 3


Instructor Required

  • Complete the Parade Floats honor.
  • Review with your team the basic safety requirements concerning usage of ladders, hand tools, knives, and other power equipment used to complete this honor. Demonstrate safety in all aspects of creating your float.*
  • Build a float (with your Pathfinder/youth group) not previously used for completing honor requirements with the following minimum specifications:
    • 6’ x 10’ minimum base size.
    • Mechanically moving float display parts (not including axles, wheels, etc. used to transport the float).
  • Be centrally involved in the design of the float. As part of this involvement:
    • Plan materials needed and delegate collection of those items.
    • Decorate a float for at least 6 hours.
    • Be involved in directing the development and creation of at least one portion of the float.
  • Enter a float, not previously used, in two parades. One of the parades may be a Pathfinder Fair or its equivalent.

Note: Risk Management ( has guidelines listed on their website concerning safety management.

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