Level: 2


  • What are Odonates?
  • Know how many species of damselflies and species of dragonflies are in your Country (or State/Provence) and Continent and Worldwide.
  • How do dragonflies and damselflies differ?
  • What separates Odes from other insects?
  • What other insects look a bit like odes?
  • Describe and draw the life cycle of an ode.
  • Know the following terms regarding Odonates:
    • Exuviae
    • Ocelli
    • Crepuscular
    • Cerci
    • Pruinescence
    • Wing Veins
    • Wing Cells
    • Compound eyes
    • Segments
    • Pterothorax
    • Labium
    • Forewing
    • Pterostigma
    • Hindwing
    • Frons
  • Of what value are odes and why should we study them?
  • Identify and observe at least 15 species of Odonates. Record their location, habitat and date of finding.
  • Demonstrate how to properly catch and release an Odonate without injuring it.

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